Sampling results

The District has a comprehensive PFAS sampling and analysis plan and is committed to continuing its testing efforts for the foreseeable future.

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Next Steps

As outlined in the sampling and analysis plan, the District is taking a phased approach to testing, with these initial results informing next steps in the testing process.

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What effects do certain treatment processes have on PFAS transformations and partitioning within the plant? Answering this question will also require further characterization of the sample points in phase one to focus on mass changes of PFAS within the treatment plant processes.

What are the differences in the amount of PFAS in the Class A biosolids versus Class B biosolids. Answering this will involve additional characterization of the biosolids sample points in phase one to determine why different biosolids products differ in the amount of PFAS.

Do certain areas of the collection system contribute more PFAS than others? This will involve additional examination of influent data from the five force mains entering the plant and determine if additional pump station investigation and sampling is warranted.

Additional Information

For additional information about what the District is doing to address PFAS, check out the information below.

District PFAS Action Plan

The District's initial look at PFAS, including action steps. June 2019

Fate & Transport Review

A look at how PFAS move through the environment and cycles through wastewater treatments plants and their effluent. Produced by District consultant, TRC, February 2020.

Sampling & Analysis Blueprint

Guidance and procedures for conducting a comprehensive PFAS sampling plan. Produced by District consultant TRC, February 2020.

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